Design Suite

Fotozoomer has launched our newest product FZ Design Suite – a desktop version of their full kiosk software available on a subscription basis for ease of use on-demand design to print. All the same great features from the Kiosk:

  • Banner Design and Printing
  • Canvas (Gallery and Museum Wrap) Printing
  • Large & Small Format Printing
  • Photo Packages
  • Blueprints
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Collage
  • Calendars
  • And many more!

Our easy to use interface allows you and your team to print high-end graphics to both large and small format printers without all the difficulty of learning design software and printer setup.  The FZ Design Suite software handles those details for you, including the intelli-eye image quality tool.

FZ Design Suite is a subscription service starts as low as $89.95 per month.  You have complete access to the software, Technical support, Training, Marketing material, and much more.


Design and print banners while the customer is there and able to approve it.  Select from our existing background designs, or use the customer’s design.  This tool allows you to make banners in minutes not hours.  And your staff does not have to learn any complicated image editing tools.

The banner in this example was created in less than 5 minutes using one of our templates and can be printed in less than 10 minutes.  They printed a 24×60 banner on Outdoor Banner material, stores cost is $16.30, our suggested retail is $75.90.  Profit of $59.60 (350%)!


As a store, you can offer on-demand printing and stretching for Canvas prints.  Our software tools help guide you through the process.

The software shows you exactly where the canvas will wraps over the frame.

You can also do museum wrap (with any color border), for prints that cannot be wrapped around the frame.

For example you can sell a 16×20 canvas print for $77.44 (our suggested retail), your cost for printing and stretching is $18.83.  That is a profit of $58.57 (300%)!  And best of all the customer walks out with the print.


Print from wallet to 44×120 with confidence.  The software will tell you if the picture you are printing has enough resolution using intelli-eye to print at any size.


FZ Design Studio enables you to print photo packages.  You can print a variety of 4x6s, 5x7s, wallets, and others on a single sheet on your small-format printers.  You can select from 10 different photo package layouts.

Photo Packages can be very profitable, for example, the above includes 2 – 4x6s, and 5 wallets, our suggested retail is $9.99.  Your cost is $0.65, lots of room for margin.  Have you thought about connecting with a local youth sports photographer and offering them 40% to sell their photo packages?  They receive $4 per print, that still leaves you $5.35 profit (800%).  Photo Packages are very popular with our no-brainer fundraiser marketing technics.


New features coming soon include 500 new template designs and tools to create collages, customized photo gift wrapping, and blueprints.  When you become part of the FZ Design Suite family, future Design Suite upgrades and enhancements are included!
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Contact us at or 702-485-4421 to sign-up to get more information.  Or simply fill out the form and we will help you get started.