FZ BluePrint

Your Path to Print

Introducing FZ Blueprint

This tool from FotoZoomer allows anyone within your organization to print blueprints with ease. With as little as 4 clicks you can print a entire set of house plans.

FZ Blueprint is designed to give you access to print blueprints with ease. FZ Blueprint allows you to focus on major large format production.

Easily see the entire set of blueprints and print just the page you need. Or print the entire set with a single click.

Preview the pages to make sure you are printing the right page.

Select from all the major Blueprint sizes. And let FotoZoomer do the math on making half size drawings.

Add a large format scanner and let FotoZoomer show you an easy Path to Print and PROFITS! An average set of house plans is 127 pages so 1 set of plans can give you PROFIT of $426.72!