FotoZoomer, Your In-House Printing Solution!

FotoZoomer is a complete self-service design center printing system for creating “on-demand” color print products from your digital files or personal photos.

With FotoZoomer Design Center kiosk your customers can create posters, photo packages, banners, signs, canvas prints and more in minutes.


The FotoZoomer’s easy-to-understand  and user friendly on-screen interface guides you through special editing features that allow you to easily crop, rotate, adjust color, add text or borders, and so much more!

In addition to printing your own photos, FotoZoomer includes a selection of ready-to-customize signage and calendar templates for endless business and educational applications.

BizCard, Business Cards in Minutes

Our newest edition to the FotoZoomer family.  Create quality business cards for your customers in minutes.

Create Business Cards in minutes
Create Business Cards in minutes

BizCard offers hundreds of business card templates.  With these templates and an easy to use tool, that only FotoZoomer can deliver, you offer your customers more business solutions.

Print them on your existing copier and in minutes your customer is walking out of the store with the business cards they need.  And you have a customer for life.

Customer Success, Add $3000 per month to your bottom line!

By adding a FotoZoomer Kiosk to your store, you are now adding a new revenue stream.  Take advantage of all those small business owners that come through your store everyday.  Offer them the services they need at your convenient location.
Are you tired of sending your profits to an on-line printer.  Offer your customers fast, same day service and keep more of the profits for yourself.

Offer your customers a wide variety of options
Offer your customers a wide variety of options

Training by Zoom U

As part of the FotoZoomer family, we offer opportunities to continue to enhance and grow your printing skills.  With seminars around the country, designed for the beginner to the expert.

Zoom U in Greenville, SC
Zoom U in Greenville, SC

Network with other stores just like yours and see how they are using FotoZoomer products in their area.

“The Zoom U class was EXCELLENT!!! It was very informative and helpful beyond imagination. Just to be able to be in a room with so many positive business-minded people was a blessing in itself. Eric, Terrance and Tamara were a hoot, and definitely delivered! I got to the store that following Monday with a huge list of ideas and tools to implement here in TX! As newer members to the Fotozoomer family we are very happy to be a part of this team! If you want to make the most out of your business I would recommend attending this class… no you HAVE to attend!” – James Banks, ParcelPedia, Frisco, TX

 If you would like to be part of the FotoZoomer Family give us a call  at 702-485-4421 or email to sales@fotozoomer.com.  And we can show you how to add $3000 to your monthly bottom line!


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