What people are saying about FotoZoomer:

Hi Eric! I just wanted to send a short note to say how pleased I am with FotoZoomer! We have only had it a couple weeks and my customers are going nuts over it. My first customer wanted a very easy and simple banner for a retirement party. It was 24×48. Her cost was $38, and she was blown away at how cheap it was!!!! After she left, I was curious at what kind of profit I had made, so I pulled up FotoZoomers Forum. First off, I can’t believe you have the cost broken down so far into what Media and Ink costs per Sq. Ft.! Anyways after finding (and printing) that helpful chart, I was easily able to figure out my cost for media AND ink was about $6. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! That mark up is amazing. I would have to do numerous shipments for the profit on this! Anyways, we are just so very pleased with it so far. Feel free to have interested people contact me about my experience with the easy of this.
P.S. I look forward to being one of your top sellers!!! Thanks again! -M.F. Defiance, OH